Admission procedures

For an international student, you must definitely understand about how to register to University of Limoges. 🙂 First, there is an office, which is responsible to help students like us, BAI (Bureau International des Etudiants) – International Reception Office. We with the vice president of University of Limoges and professors in the Christmas party. 😛Continue reading “Admission procedures”

Easy ways to pass Master’s Degree :P

Each year for almost 25 years, the network of graduates (more than 500 graduates) and professional contacts Cryptis is enriched. It is an essential asset for the search for internships and the professional integration of young graduates. The Master’s Degree is organized in 4 semesters, each semester validating 30 ECTS credits. Obtaining the master requiresContinue reading “Easy ways to pass Master’s Degree :P”

Travelling beyond Limoges

There are a lot of attractive destinations near Limoges. You can travel to some big cities in France such as Pars, Bordeaux, Strasbourg and also some countries: Italia, Polland, Spain… These lists below are where our group has opportunity to visit. Bordeaux Bordeaux, a small port city in southwestern France, is best known for beingContinue reading “Travelling beyond Limoges”

University libraries

They are located on each campus. They allow access to hundreds of thousands of books and 3,600 periodicals. Our university libraries allow you to prepare for your exams in optimal conditions with long opening hours during the academic year and book loan due dates adapted to your needs (access to catalogues and electronic documentation: 40 databases, 6000 journals online, electronicContinue reading “University libraries”

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