Supermarket and Fastfood

– Super U supermarket is near La Borie dormitory, quite affordable, cheaper than small supermarkets in the ville (take bus 8 to Mal Joffre, go down to Corgnac CC, open from Monday to Saturday, from 9am to 8pm).

– Asian food can be purchased at Thoun Asia (take Bus 10 to Serpolet, go down to Beaubreuil), open from Monday to Saturday (09h30 – 13h00, 14h00 – 19h00), there is a Cora supermarket nearby, The food here is very cheap, but taking the bus is a bit far.



– Vietnamese buffet with Tan Sai Gon restaurant, 11 euros per person (take Bus 10 to Serpolet, go down to Serpolet), Opanda (14-17 euros / person, eat not very good, take bus 10 to Serpolet, go down to Puy Ponchet) , chez Ta (take bus 8, go down to Opera).

– Grand Frais supermarket of vegetables and fruits is quite cheap and fresh as Thoun but closer, near Gare de Limoges Benedictin.


– Vietnamese food has Vietnam Express 53 Rue Francois Chenieux, the owners are very nice, often reduce money for students.

– Buy cosmetics, Pharmacie Bernardaud – Pharmacie Lafayette near Jourdan place with the most affordable price.



– Eyeglasses: it is best to bring enough from home, but if increasing / breaking frames, you can buy this temporarily, quite expensive, the cheapest is at Opticien Mutuelist (39 Avenue Garibaldi, 87000 Limoges), they give Do an eye test without a doctor’s note (it can take months for an eye appointment in France), or you can buy near-sighted glasses, which are available at Bernardaud pharmacie.


-Second hand stores in Limoges:
1. Emmaüs 87 (78 Rue Armand Barbès, 87000 Limoges).
– Opening hours: every day except Sunday from 9am to 12pm and from 14h30 to 18h
– Selling everything: clothes, appliances, furniture, ..
– Link:


2. LA RESSOURCE RIT (345 Rue François Perrin, 87000 Limoges, France).
– Similar to Emmaüs 87 but with fewer items
– Link:

3. Cash Express (15 Bis Boulevard Georges Périn, 87000 Limoges).
– Selling mainly old technology goods (TVs, phones, computers, …), household appliances (microwave, oven, …). And all items are guaranteed for 6 months. Pretty chestnut price 🙂
– link:,298.html

4. Easy Cash (Zone Nord, Rue de Buxerolles, 87100 Limoges)
– Selling items similar to Cash express
– link:…/ENT33-limoges-87100

5. NOZ (Opposite Easy Cash)
– This store does not sell second hand goods, it is mainly inventory, super cheap price. Everything is available, clothes, books, toys, food, …. Hard work up here can earn a lot of pretty unique items :))
– link:

6. Vide-Greniers second hand market 87
– This market is usually held on weekends at many different locations. Keep track of the calendar to see where the market takes place
– Types of markets: Marché aux puces (second hand market: sell all types, sellers bring home goods to sell, so you can bargain freely, surprisingly cheap). Brocantes (antique market: quite expensive), Vide maison or Vide ta chambre (will be held at the seller ‘s house because this person needs to move house and sell goods). There are also Bourses aux vetements (used clothing market), aux Jouets (used toys), aux livres (used books).
– Link:

7. C’est deux euros (8 bis rue Adrien Dubouché 87000 LIMOGES)
– Shop 1 price (2eurs)
– Full of everyday items (new) super cheap price


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