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Admission procedures

For an international student, you must definitely understand about how to register to University of Limoges. 🙂 First, there is an office, which is responsible to help students like us, BAI (Bureau International des Etudiants) – International Reception Office.

We with the vice president of University of Limoges and professors in the Christmas party. 😛

You will be welcomed and get great supports from the International Reception Office (information, help with administrative paperwork, help with finding accommodation, learning French, integration …). BAI will help you fill in any additional documents necessary for your stay in Limoges. BAI will also organize an appointment with a bank so that you can open a French bank account and take out the mandatory insurance covering your civil liability and rental risks (you cannot enter your room in the residence hall without it). BAI can help you with the procedures related to residence permits, if needed.
The BAI aims to many different goals all related to your future student life.

1. Find accomodation: Your own CROUS room is booked. Being an exchange student or doctorant (PhD student) is like being an honored guest.
2. Open a bank account: The BAI will guide you if you need help on this.
3. Get a visa: The BAI knows who to contact within the Campus France and the consulates.
4. Obtain a residence permit: Working with the OFII, the BAI can assist you in this matter.
This will be detailed later in this guide.
5. Learn French: The FLE formation is offered. See more details on this later.
6. Organize cultural events: Discover the French culture with the BAI. You will see many important cultural spots in Limoges and in Le Limousin, such as La gare des Bénédictins or Le lac de Vassivière. You may also be guided in the visit of the BFM, an important institution of French Literatture, Arts and Culture.

BAI – 88, rue du Pont Saint-Martial (Campus des Jacobins), 87000 Limoges – France
Tel: 05 55 14 90 96 or 05 55 14 92 74 or 05 55 14 90 85


The members in BAI, they are so friendly and helpful 😛

For enrolling to university, you must become a candidate and then register to your faculty which you want to study. Don’t worry because the university allows you to do these steps onlines. Following this link to be specific:

After you have been accepted, you should come to school 1 week in advance to complete the admission process. You will receive a student ID, student card, insurance, … at building F.


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