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Easy ways to pass Master’s Degree :P

Each year for almost 25 years, the network of graduates (more than 500 graduates) and professional contacts Cryptis is enriched. It is an essential asset for the search for internships and the professional integration of young graduates. The Master’s Degree is organized in 4 semesters, each semester validating 30 ECTS credits. Obtaining the master requires the validation of 120 ECTS credits. Each semester, a certain number of teaching units (UE) are offered, some being compulsory, others to be chosen from a set of options.


The first year master’s degree program is very difficult and heavy. You must take 30 credits for each semester. You can see the subject’s details in the link below:
For general information about the Cryptis program:
For the MCCA program:
For the Information program:


The exams in each term are divided into two categories: midterm exams and final exams. If the course has a project then you don’t need to take the midterm exam. Depending on the subject, the final exam will account for a different percentage of scores, but usually it accounts for about 70% of the total score. You are considered to be graded if your total average is above 10 points. For each subject, you must ensure that the average score is not below 7, otherwise you will have to retake the session 2 at the end of the 2nd semester.

To pass the semester, it is not easy, 😦 you  must follow the lectures of the professor in the class, take notes and study by yourself. The teachers at Limoges are very enthusiastic and kind, always give students the opportunity, especially for international student. They are available to provide help and advice on the choice of orientation, reorientation and on all issues relating to university life. If you are not good at French, you can ask professors to translate it into English. It will help you pass the exam easier.

The first year master of the MCCA and Information programs are responsible by professor Dusart and professor ConChon respectively. In faculty Technology and Science there is a very famous and “powerful” Vietnamese teacher, Professor Phan Duong Hieu, you can contact the professor when you need help. The contact information of the professors is below:

M1 MCCA: Pierre DUSART, pierre.dusart (at)

M1: Emmanuel CONCHON, emmanuel.conchon (at)

M2 MCCA: Duong Hieu PHAN , duong-hieu.phan (at)

The picture of us with professor Phan Duong Hieu 😛


As for materials, there are many good books that are similar to the classroom curriculum, you can borrow them at the library or ask the professors for a pdf


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