As a new student in Limoges, when you come to a new land, the new environment may be a little difficult to get started with, integrating and have lots of questions about studying and official procedure. So we hope that the information about community find information and advice to help their new student settle into life as an Limoges student. 😛

We are in the first day in Limoges 😛


1. The Vietnamese Students Association in France
The Vietnam Student Union in France (UEVF), a group of Vietnamese students and trainees living and studying in France, was established on March 26, 2004 in Paris according to the Law of 1901 of the French Republic.
The Association’s activities aim to:
Unite, help each other in life, study and research.
Representing, protecting and caring for the legitimate and legal interests of Vietnamese students in France.
Build, strengthen and develop cooperative relationships with French student organizations, students from other countries in the world.
To cooperate with other associations, friendship groups and other social organizations in order to strengthen the organization and implementation of friendship activities towards the country.

16, Rue du Petit Musc, 75004 Paris, France
The Association’s official website:



2. Vietnamese Students Group in Limoges
Vietnamese students at Limoges had created a Facebook group address:
You can connect with on this site and join group. The advantages of this group are connection and communication. You are new student, you have many questions, so you can ask questions and if anyone knows the answer can help you solve the problem. Former students can share their experience of studying and living in Limoges.



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