Public Transport


Central Limoges is small and walkable but the this city also has an excellent public transport. The most common transport for students is trolleybus and bike.

Trolleybus systems

The bus hours in Limoges: Monday to Friday : 9:45 am to 6:00 pm, Saturday: 9:00 am to 12:00 am so you can definitely travel around Limoges by bus.

Point Bus TCL, 4 Place Léon Betoulle, 87000 Limoges.


You can buy a single ticket (1.60€) that is valid for one hour or an all-day ticket (3.90€).
These can all be bought on board the vehicle.

You can also go to the tabac to buy a ticket 10 times (10.60€) (without date limitation). Each time you use the ticket must be validate. After validate, on the back of the ticket will specify the number of turns, the time used and the remaining number. This type of ticket can be shared by many people, then you have to valide the number of times the number of people sharing tickets.

• Moreover, if you go by bus usually, you should buy 3-months and 1-year tickets (100€). You just need to your passport and your ID photograph.

To see the schedule of bus online, you can access to website or dowload the app mybus to your mobile phone.


Transport | V’LIM: 1 euro per month for students.
V’LiM is a long-term rental service for classic and electrically-assisted bicycles set up by the community of the Limoges metropolitan conurbation.


This service is open to everyone throughout the year, with reduced prices for students who undertake studies within the Limoges metropolitan area. The hirer must declare himself or herself capable of cycling and must not have a medical contraindication to riding on two wheels.

Where can bicycles be hired?
At the V’LiM office on boulevard de Fleurus in Limoges.

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